web pages very slow w/ NVIDIA drivers

I still have RC1 installed (so that might be the problem, but I don’t think so) I tried to visit: No instant automatic update from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 ~ Blog.exe and the scrolling up/down on the page was horribly slow. I didn’t have nvidia drivers throughout beta and RC testing, and I never saw a problem. Only when 11 came out, I downloaded the drivers from download.nvidia.com (through yast blah blah). I’ve even tried:
nvidia-xconfig --composite --allow-glx-with-composite
nvidia-xconfig --no-composite --no-allow-glx-with-composite

Athlon 64 X2 6000+
2048MB RAM

What could be the issue.

It’s not your system.

I’m currently on my Winders XP partition playing a few games that don’t play nicely in Wine yet. nVidia 7800 GS, FireFox 3, and scrolling on that above web site is ungodly slow. First time I’ve seen this behavior… I’d chalk it up to a glitch in FF3 or just very sloppy coding on the web site.

Edit: I fired up (gak) Internet Explorer, and it’s scrolls ok… it’s Firefox 3.

OK. THat’s good. I thought it was NVIDIA acting up. I wonder if firefox 2 gives this “bug”?

Yes, this has become a very annoying bug and affects quite a few sites - planetsuse.org grinds Firefox 3 to a halt at times :eek: I tried disabling plug-ins and tried new profiles without change.

I noticed the same problem on systems at work with different hardware except for graphics being nvidia.

Opera does not suffer from the problem so I’m thinking it is more of a FF3 issue as FF2 didn’t behave this way.

Is this possibly a FF3+nvidia driver issue or does the problem exist on other video platforms as well?

Its not an Nvidia problem. It’s due to the way firefox 3 renders fixed background images. They had to take a couple of performance hits in order to fix some major layout bugs, but once work on their compositor starts revving up this should be fixed (but not for Firefox 3, more like Firefox 4).

My problem is similar to this, but extends to the entire desktop. It seems to happen when playing embedding videos mostly. All the sudden, all animation and sound starts skipping, and the desktop comes to a crawl. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is by rebooting the machine. cycling between init 3 and 5 does not fix it. If I knew where to look for errors I could come up with more info. Anyone?