Web interface in unusable state

After starting using the build web interface, I got the interface completely unusable, it keeps telling me that my ‘request is too complex’…
Also if I remove some repositories, they remain in the ‘Package Flags’ list, which confuses the interface…

Anybody got this kind of issues ?

I tried removing all the problematic repositories for my project, but that doesn’t solve anything. Should I remove my project and start over ?



I had the same problem a couple of days ago

Installing osc was no immediate help since I couldn’t find how I was supposed to control the package flags from there.

I ended up deleting the project, using osc (because there is no way to delete a subproject from the web interface), then starting over. That cleared the problem.

I have no faith that the package flags are working properly.
I’m trying to work on just the Debian builds for my package, so I wanted to disable all builds and just re-enable Debian and Ubuntu, but I’m still seeing rebuilds on the other distros.

In fact I have the same problem again now - with home:ellson:nodebrain/nodebrain

I think I get into this state by clicking too fast from the web interface. Something needs to use some locking.

yes, that would be my conclusion too…

You can edit the flags with osc:
> osc meta -e pkg home:ellson:nodebrain nodebrain

On concurrent requests the webui creates a config that it can’t read in again…