Web Hosting - Little Problem

Hi. Im new in SUSE and I want to set up a web page, I have installed and configured with help of course and now my friend is gone and I dont know how do I copy some templates in /srv/www/htdocs.

I want to know how do I configure my web page, how to costumise it, how to write in it. I ask you all those questions because I don`t like to create a lot of threads.

Thanks a milion times and sorry for those easy questions, I want to learn, it will be real great if you will answer at my questions and to help my further to give me some links to some sites to learn from there more.

I always point the web root to my /home/myusername/public_html folder, that way I can simply copy paste files without root permissions.

You’ll need to edit httpd.conf to change your web root.

By default this one is configured to be accessible from http://your-ip/~username.

You may want to look at Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server (lamp) - openSUSE it describes the folder in more detail.

I’m aware of that but for better compatibility I always use the root www folder.