web development application


is there any nice web development application?any advice


i use Bluefish, before that i used whatever text editor i could find.

maybe you had other needs in mind? perhaps an example of the kind of
web development you are looking to do (java applications, flash, db
driven sales kiosk, site hosting, server/client side blah blah, ruby,
python, C#, blah blah blah…what ??)

i started by looking around the web until i found the web site i
wanted to emulate…and, then figured out how they did it…in 1995.

maybe you can get an idea of just how much “web development” software
is available, and the diversity of the offerings by reading a very
small percentage of these 14.3 million hits:


on the other hand, if this is your first web design i’d suggest you
seek an experienced hosting company and see what web development
services they provide for free…or self help…

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Very much depends on what you mean by “web development”… I use Aptana Studio, basically an Eclipse plugin, which does most things I need but has little annoying quirks. For something a little more basic but nicely WYSIWYG, there’s Kompozer, a revitalised NVU. QuantaPlus was nice on KDE 3.5 but doesn’t run well on KDE4, and there’s no sign of further development.
There are, of course, any number of nice editors, Bluefish has already been mentioned. Netbeans is also worth trying, like Eclipse/Aptana it is a Java environment.

First, install and configure a LAMP webserver on your local machine. That will give an environment to work in.
After that it depends on your goal. Is it to build your own website, or is development the goal in itself? Do you want a CMS?

with web devoloppement I meand building sites.I’ve already installed LAMP web server and I’m using joomla like a CMS.I’ll try to get KompoZer,it sound intresting. thank you a lot .:wink:

If Joomla is going to be your working base, Kompozer will not be of much use. It’s merely a html editor. The Joomla community is very active, development dito, tons of info and howto are in the various Joomla forums.

ok then I’ll go for Joomla

thx a lot