web cams, USB and Built-in

11.3 recognized my built in and USB webcams on my ProBook 4510s, but not on my Pavilion dv7. Can somebody point me to some links on how to begin to trouble-shoot this? I looked in YaST/hardware but couldn’t see anything obvious. I’m not sure where to start. BTW: VirtualBox can access them both, so the Host (opensuse 11.3) knows about them - but calls them “unknown devices” - please help - I’m trying to avoid having to boot to Windows 7 to use these devices. Everything else seems to work.


Typically one will type in a terminal:


to learn more about the web cam. With that information, one can then look up on the internet what driver is needed.

TY! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your hi-def editing…

11.1 seemed to support most webcams OOB. Oops - my bad - it suddenly started working. I wonder why it wasn’t working earlier?? Cheese now sees them, UCView doesn’t, and “Webcam Application” (can’t figure out what the actual command line is for that one 'cause KDE4 doesn’t give that option with a right-click - it might be wxCam or CamSource) crashes with one cam, but works OK with the other. It may be the natural set of bugs with a new migration of a new KDE/kernel.

Anyone know of a decent webcam “surveillance” software (motion-detection, autocapture) for Linux?


You may be better off starting a new thread on this with an appropriate title.