Web browser screen adjustment

I have recenty installed OpenSuse and the desktop screen is perfect but there is a gap at the top of the screen when I open up the web browser. I have tried each of the screens listed on the disk but still can’t get it to fit all of the screen on browser. Help would be appreciated but please bear in mind I am a newbie and first time user of openSuse so anything too technical will be beyond me although I will give it a go if the instructions are explicit!

Are you using kde?
And are you sure you haven’t accidentally added a panel ? Right click the desktop and unlock the widgets
See if you can see it

After posting I tried updating using the installation DVD with each of the video modes again and found that the VESA video mode enabled the F11 button- which I couldn’t get to work previously. So now I can get a full screen which I am pleased with! Thanks for the help. I will probably be back with more questions though!