Web Browser of Choice?

What is your web browser of choice?

firefox for XP and openSUSE, I would like to use konqueror, but it doesn’t have all features Firefox has.

Opera for Linux.

Google Chrome for XP/Vista (and if they come out with Chrome for linux that isn’t a crossover app, I’ll switch to Chrome in linux as well).

I also thought Maxthon 2 was kind of neat for Windows.

I had to say Konqueror for my openSUSE box, because I HATE the way FF3 runs on it. However on my MacBook, I don’t have any FF3 problems :slight_smile:

Firefox… the web developer toolbar and Firebug addons are far too valuable to consider another browser.

Ditto. I wish Firefox wasn’t so voracious of memory, but I need those features and the URL completion in the location bar saves so much time.

I’m not a developer so I don’t have to worry about that aspect of it. I wouldn’t trade Google Chrome back for any of those others. If I could use Chrome in Linux I would (the Crossover implementation isn’t very good).

I particularly like the omnibox (or whatever they’re calling it). Now when I am in Opera or FF, I end up typing my search into the address bar by mistake.

Firefox, with Konqueror for a couple sites that FF (2.x) doesn’t render properly. Didn’t try Chrome yet, don’t feel the need to.

I like speed and some nice features of Konqueror,
but it doesn’t support extensions that Firefox offers
(and I just can’t use browser without them).

Hmm, actually I do it all the time in Firefox and this feature works nicely.
In addition there are configurable ‘keywords’ for bookmarks
suitable for searching straight from address bar.
(By the way - Konqueror has this feature too.)

glad I have someone in my camp! I do agree on the Chrome for linux, I used it only briefly on windows and would love to give it a try running natively on linux!

After a couple of years I’m trying to switch from Firefox to Konqueror. Stable and fast enough and almost all FF function has an alternative. Memory usage is better if I compare it with Firefox.

1st Choice Opera for both (Win & Lin)
2nd Choice Firefox for Windows XP.
Firefox three gave me trouble in feodora9 in some of my projects (in css, and the disturbing default offline). But firefox addons are really coool. :slight_smile:

Here’s a graphic of the counts by cPanel software of the browser distribution for the last 4 million hits on my site dedicated to Suse / openSUSE.

Not many of the non-linux pages get hits, but even so internet explorer is 24% of the traffic – puzzling.

Of the serious Linux users (i.e. non IE), Firefox is the dominant browser being about 20 times the usage of each lesser contender. The lesser contenders (Opera Konqueror Mozilla Safari) are used in roughly equal numbers. Netscape is almost extinct.


Well presumably they are newbies trying to get their Linux system up and running and reading your instructions in their Windows session.

recently tried Safari for windows, pretty decent.

I can fairly gauge that about 95.5% of IE browser hits were aimed at Linux pages; so you’re right to some extent about that. I think that since the overwhelming number of browsers out there are IE, there must be a good element of random arrivals from IE browser drivers searching for something else (other than Linux); e.g. searching for “Samba with Suzy” rotfl!

Safari, which isn’t here.

I voted for Firefox.

I spent several days comparing firefox and opera. I found that even though firefox was a hair slower, opera used more resources on my system. So firefox is primary browser.

Hrmph, no sign of SeaMonkey,which is what i always use


Flock is from recently my favorite. For some unknown reasons, does debug (flex) better than firefox, and it is integrated better into web services.