Web browser issue

Bizarre issue. I just installed KDE desktop along side Gnome. For what ever reason I can’t access web pages via firefox. I can access webpages with konquerer, opera, etc. Is there a set preference I missing to have firefox access web pages? I don’t have this issue with Gnome.

Very strange indeed.
Me scratching head.

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Agreed… I install both KDE and Gnome because I like a few of the KDE
apps (konsole, k3b, konqueror from time to time, etc.) and everything
works but I also run them from Gnome. Have you tried starting firefox
from the command line to see if it is crashing or returning anything
obvious or maybe helpful?

Good luck.

caf4926 wrote:
> Very strange indeed.
> Me scratching head.
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Maybe a IPV6 issue some where? Though I would not think there are any desktop specific setups are there??

I’m having a permission issue with Firefox. I can’t do searches in normal user. In terminal if I type firefox I get this message

*** nss-shared-helper: Shared database disabled (set NSS_USE_SHARED_DB to enable).

The browser opens but I can’t do searches
I haven’t had a chance to review this yet.
***** nss-shared-helper warning on firefox** - openSUSE Forums](http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/406193-b-nss-shared-helper-warning-firefox-b.html)

But if I become su -
I can do normal searches. How do I change this issue so it’s back to normal user mode with firefox, so I don’t have to be su - to do searches. No other browser is like this.

You can ignore the nss-shared-helper

Has this issue changed. You now say you can’t do searches!?
What searches, you mean Google?

Your 1st post said ‘I can’t access web page’

Try creating a new user account, login with kde and see what happens. (we can delete this later)

Sorry. When I said I can’t do searches this is what happens. It’s like I don’t have Internet access.

Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 404
Fri Jan 1 23:01:46 2010
Apache/2.2.10 (Linux/SUSE)

Any search I do I get this.

I created a guest account. Firefox doesn’t have this issue under the guest account. It has normal behavior.

I created a guest account. Firefox doesn’t have this issue under the guest account. It has normal behavior.

But it tell us the problem lies in user settings.

As your normal user login
First do this. Log in to gnome
view hidden files in username and rename .kde4 to .kde4-old
You will loose your current kde4 settings (they are now in the -old folder)

Still in your normal login account
Logout and back in to kde4
How is it now?

I did as you said and changed the folder names. Everything went well except I lose my wireless connection. I reinstall firmware and set my settings, but I am unable to connect, I get an error. I forgot to write it down. But the setup in yast would get an error around 77-80%.

I just got my wireless working yesterday so I’m sure the settings are right. I changed the kde4-old back to kde4 so I can login back in with wireless.

Maybe as gogalthorp said,
“Maybe a IPV6 issue some where? Though I would not think there are any desktop specific setups are there??”

In my network settings I have IPV6 enabled, but I have the same settings in Gnome and all web browsers work.

The settings in .kde4 that affect the wireless are those you make to networkmanager in the tray.
Reinstalling stuff is NOT necessary.

Look. Files and folders in the hidden user section are mostly user level config. And I have lead you thru steps that should show you that the problem lies at user settings level, particularly in .kde4, because your gnome is OK.

So I can’t do all this for you but, pull out the network config files from the old folder and start new .kde4 and then paste them in the correct locations.