Weather wallpaper?

What exactly is this supposed to do? I have the weather server and location set but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all.

Works great here, but you will need to be connected to the internet, the service will have to provide data for it.
Once it works, it will change the desktop background to one that’s supposed to match the weather at your location. You can even set which wallpaper should be used at which weather conditions :slight_smile:

Ahhh…That’s what it does is changed the wallpaper? No onscreen weather info or such? LOL

There’s quite a lot of plasmoids, some even run nicely in the panel, that do give weather information. Just perform a search for ‘weather’ in the software installer.

Yeah i installed one…I was just thinking that the weather wallpaper gave weather haha…duh :slight_smile:

I am connected to the internet but all I get is two locations and not the right one. This is an example of the location I get here. Bözberg (Oberbözberg), Aargau, CH (wettercom). I would like to get Lost Nation, IA.

hi tommccutcheon, I had similar problem as I couldn’t set my location, try different combinations by city, country etc and you will set it right,
I use my city airport :wink: location and it works fine
good luck