we have a trouble instaling in a new server:

these is the problem:
ERROR: No hard disks were found for the installation. Please check your hardware
it´s a new server: quad core
the hard disk: scsci

Sounds like the kernel on the installation media does not support the SCSI/SAS adapter.

What machine is this and what SCSI/SAS adapter do you have? You may need a driver disk.

This may seem totally unrelated but maybe not.

I went to install SuSE 9 Pro on my new pc for a laugh yestaday, it read the dvd and the cd’s and booted to setup but then chucked out an error that it could not find the installation media, also it could not mount the cd/dvd drive.

Seems like a SCSI/SUSE thing.

to all the ppl having trouble installing suse 11.0 rc1 check ur memory by trying 1 stick of memory when installing. i have a sn26p with all sata (2 hd,and lg gh20ls10).found two sticks of 1gb ocz will cause the no repository and bad checksum problem. good luck and have fun.