We all forgot to celebrate openSUSE Forums' ..........

https://forums.opensuse.org/images/misc/forum_stats.pngopenSUSE Forums StatisticsThreads 135,401 Posts 1,000,777 Members 38,234 Active Members 1,713

milestone of 1,000,000 posts. A big cheer for the Forums and all it’s participants.

Maybe some of us computer-types were waiting for 1,048,576 posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, great to be part of such an active and friendly community.

… actually, I was going to settle for 1024000000 posts, but yours would be somewhat more accurate.lol!

(Continual) Party-time during the conference(s)?

Yes we did. Over one million posts and counting. We have a friendly goto forum with great moderators.

Cheers to everyone that has helped users resolve their Linux and hardware problems.