WD "My Passport" USB Hard Drive

A local store has the 1 terabyte WD Passport on sale, so I got one. I’ve read the earlier threads here about the Passport so I was prepared for a rough ride. That was unnecessary; Leap automounts the Passport like any other USB plug-in device. On 13.1, it does not automount, but will mount the old-fashioned way. Plug in the drive and open Yast’s Hardware module to identify the drive. On one system it is /dev/sdb1, and on another /dev/sdd1. (The second system has a USB memory card reader that evidently is recognized as two devices. ) Then execute “mount /dev/sdX1 /mnt” and the drive is accessed. Note that I did not install the backup or encryption programs provided on the drive for Windows or Mac. Now to my question: if I configure /etc/fstab in 13.1 to mount the Passport but do not have it plugged in on bootup, will this interrupt the boot or will it just ignore the unconnected drive?

Use “noauto” in the options field in “fstab”. Otherwise it will interfere with booting.

another way is to use/add “nofail,auto” in the fstab options. This will ignore it if it is missing and if plugged in later it will mount it or mount during boot.

use UUID to identify it in fstab so it won’t be usb port or order dependent.

Very good advice. I will use it as well.