WD external HDD passport mount

I don’t know if this is the right section to post but here’s my problem.While I was renaming a folder (on Windows >.<) my external HDD failed.Suddenly it wouldn’t let me acces anything.The name of the partition changed in “Local Disk”.Did some google search, found a soft that could recover my data.(torrents). Of course it had spyware/virus in it.So when I opened it…2-3 “antispyware” installation popped up out of nowhere.Now because of them I’m unable to connect to the internet on win.(That’s not the problem , I can reinstall it anytime, but I just wanted to show a disavantage of being a user of Microsoft’s Windows).

The problem persists within Linux. "Unable to mount the volume ‘Quad Damage’."Is there any way to recover my files and…if possible to “repair” my hard-drive?

Thanks in advance.

It probably just needs connecting to a windows machine and then safely remove. It’s probably become what is known as Dirty.
Then try it again in Linux.

You could clean up virus’ on windows from Linux with clamav

I can clean them even if Linux doesn’t see the Windows partition?

I can clean them even if Linux doesn’t see the Windows partition?

No, you’ll need to sort that out first.

Try this: make a directory to mount it e.g.

sudo mkdir /mnt/test

then run this command to test mount it:

sudo /bin/ntfs-3g /dev/sdax /mnt/test

that should give an error message about the “dirty” setting, whereupon you can run this command:

sudo /bin/ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sdax /mnt/test

and then navigate there in Nautilus or Dolphin and access/modify the files.

You have to replace sdax with the correct designation of your NTFS partition.

Ref: HowTo Mount NTFS Filesystem Partition Read Write Access in openSUSE 10, 11

@swerdna: Do you think that using ntfsfix might be sufficient to reset the dirty bit? (Assuming thats the issue, and that there are no serious journal issues of course).

That’s an excellent idea. It’s installed by default IIRC. Revender could simply run this:

sudo /usr/bin/ntfsfix /dev/sdax

It should force a journal check next time the device is attched to windows and it should allow mounting with this command:

sudo /bin/ntfs-3g  /dev/sdax /mnt/test

but if not, nothing is lost or harmed by it, and Revender could indtead proceed then with the series of steps in my first post.

Well spotted deano_ferrari.