WD 4TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive for Windows

Before I buy it, I’d like to know if my thinking is correct.

This drive is NTFS for Windows. I’d like to use it for my older Dell laptop currently running 15.3. and I don’t need any software backup or NTFS partition (although I have fuse-ntfs).

I’m planning to use gparted to wipe it out and remove the partition table + reformat as ext4.

Is my thinking correct?

Thank you

That is what I do for every laptop I own - WD 4tb ext4 for my Linux Backups.

What about the hardware encryption? How to disable it?


no encryption when you change it in gparted - create a new gpt and a new ext4 file partition.

If you want luks encryption for it, use Gnome Disks rather than gparted. gparted will work fine if you don’t want encryption.

Thank you for taking the time to explain