wbinfo errors after upgrade to 12.2

After upgrading from Opensuse 12.1 to 12.2, I get errors running wbinfo. Here are some examples:

webmailex2:/etc # wbinfo -t
checking the trust secret for domain AD via RPC calls failed
error code was NT_STATUS_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_NOT_FOUND (0xc0000233)
failed to call wbcCheckTrustCredentials: WBC_ERR_AUTH_ERROR
Could not check secret

webmailex2:/etc # wbinfo -P
checking the NETLOGON dc connection failed
failed to call wbcPingDc: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
Could not ping our DC

In the message log I am seeing these errors:

Oct 25 13:18:51 webmailex2 winbindd[2609]: create_local_private_krb5_conf_for_
domain: smb_mkstemp failed, for file /var/lib/samba/smb_tmp_krb5.GMTlYY. Errno P
ermission denied

Even with these error, I can still logon to the opensuse server with an activie directory logon, and the NET ADS TESTJOIN command shows no error:

webmailex2:/etc # net ads testjoin
Join is OK

Hello and welcome here.

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Also, because there are several ways to go from 12.1 to 12.2 it might be interesting for people here to know which way you used: switching repos and using zypper dup, or using the Upgrade facility on the DVD, or installing 12.2 anew while keeping your /home (and other data) partitions, or different.

I upgraded with the DVD.

On 2012-10-25 21:56, chapan wrote:
> I upgraded with the DVD.

Then make sure you did the extra steps described here:
Offline upgrade method

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” (Minas Tirith))

I copied the pam.d files from an older 12.1 server into the 12.2 server and all is well.