Ok, that does confirm with kwin_wayland not being able to find display (as already reported above). You should also examine the system journal with

sudo journalctl –since “2023-02-17 17:33:00 ” –until “2023-02-17 17:36:00” | susepaste -t "journal output" -e "86400" -n "Miguel"

The main thing is to obtain journalling of just the time around the crash event to limit the volume of content. If necessary, try to start a new Plasma Wayland session and capture the logging during that time window.

As already mentioned, you will need to submit a bug report for this.

BTW, does Gnome Wayland also fail in the same way? Worth trying if you haven’t already.

Here is the output:

Unfortunately, not a lot more information gained from that log - kwin_wayland complains that it “cannot open display”.

Did you ever have another monitor attached to this laptop? I can only speculate here…just wondering if you try creating another user (either at runlevel 3 or via a working X11 session), then attempt to start a Plasma Wayland session, logging in as that user, does it start ok?