Is Wayland working, in general…?
I have a bog-standard Dell Optiplex 9020 - i5 + 16GB RAM - Standard Intel graphics, and cannot get ANYTHING with Wayland in the title to work…?
Full Wayland gives me an overlarge mouse cursor on screen, but otherwise black, although there are obviously “things” on the screen, as, as you move the mouse cursor around the screen, the cursor changes to “resize” or “text edit” and others. Can exit using Ctrl-Backspace.
Wayland is similar, but the PC appears to lock if I try and exit, and need to power-off/on.

Would just like to know if there is any way for me to get these to work?

It works here, also with Intel graphics. But maybe it depends on which version of Intel graphics.

Yes, I get the big mouse pointer. That’s fixed in Tumbleweed, where I get a normal sized pointer. But I mostly use Xorg anyway, because there are still problems with Wayland. For example, with Tumbleweed if I select text, the text actually selected is some distance from where the mouse pointer tried to select it. I think that misalignment doesn’t happen in Leap 15.2, but there are other details that don’t quite work as well as Xorg.

For Wayland you need fresh DE.
For fresh DE you need TW.
With Leap 15.2 Wayland is not intended to work good enough.

And it doesn’t… :frowning:

Yes, work in progress… although it seems alright in my vbox environment. Not a daily driver though. I expect that will change within the next couple of years.

Thanks for the updates/information peoples.
Will follow the development with interest!