Wayland session not working?

I have this weird problem on both my desktop and my laptop: if i try to login and select wayland session on SDDM, the screen goes black and remains black. Nothing happens anymore. Machine is not locked, as I can drop to console using ctrl-alt-f3 and restart sddm to regain control. Logging in using X11 works just fine.

Desktop: X99 platform with 14 core Xeon CPU + Nvidia 1080 graphics
Laptop: 6th gen Intel i5 + Intel graphics.

No errors are being logged as far as I can tell. Obviously I can work in X11, but some programs (ie Bitwarden from main repo) just won’t start without Wayland, which is annoying.

KDE/Wayland with or without Nvidia worked just fine when I was running Fedora, so I don’t quite understand why it isn’t on OpenSuse. Or how to fix it.

Do you have any suggestions I can try?

Review this page first:

Another thing you can try is to create a new user in the KDE X11 session, log back out, and attempt to start a KDE Wayland session as the new user. Let us know of that works.

Otherwise, you will need to examine the journal for errors…

Ok, that’s annoying: new user does work with Wayland session.

Any idea which file(s) may be causing this? I don’t want to destroy my entire profile as that is completely set up for me to be as efficient as possible and it’s a lot of work to redo.

Usually, it happens cause you are using applets / widgets that simply doesn’t works fine under Wayland.

I haven’t used anything that I didn’t use previous under Wayland. Basically just Hue control, system tray, clock and global menu. Don’t like too many widgets

Whatever it is that is affecting the Wayland boot, it is user related, you have checked that. But I’ve forgotten something that happened to me (with your same configuration, using NVIDIA drivers).

It happened to me exactly like you: The session stayed on a black screen. After a lot of googling around, someone mentioned that something similar had happened to him and found out that it was related to the shell I had installed. Indeed, I had the “FISH” shell installed and, after uninstalling it and rebooting, I was able to get past the black screen. Do you have a shell installed for Linux other than the default one?

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Could be this issue: 446438 – Wayland session does not launch using the login screen when using fish shell

But I’d expect that to be fixed already in tumbleweed.

This was indeed it. I have changed my login shell to /bin/bash and now Wayland works. It appears the fix I linked to @ the KDE bug tracker has not made it through to Tumbleweed just yet.

Oh well, I just set konsole to use /usr/bin/fish instead of the login shell, and all is well.

Yes, I’ve seen this as the underlying cause in a few previous KDE Wayland threads now.

the fish shell isn’t POSIX compliant, and I don’t think they actually aim to be. Which on a system without a GUI is probably fine. But generally its not recommended to be used as a login shell

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This has nothing to do with posix or not. It’s a confirmed bug in sddm, which has been fixed by KDE. But it seems it was never back ported by opensuse.

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