Wayland on Tumbleweed -- status?


for some years I noticed news of progress in the development of wayland. Today I just tried: Boot, on login screen don’t log in, but go to console, log in as user, then

export $(dbus-launch)

Ok, a kind of GUI started, but crashed within some seconds.

I’m on Tumbleweed, Lenovo T 450s, just an integrated Intel GPU. Weston is not installed – would I need that? Am I doing something wrong?

I am able to login to Gnome using Wayland (have to use “gdm” for that). It seems okay, though I haven’t tested it very much as I’m a KDE user.

On one of my boxes, I have the Kaos distro installed. I can login to KDE/Plasma 5 there using Wayland. It is very buggy. So I think it is not yet ready for prime time. That’s probably why Tumbleweed is not providing it at present.

As an example, I have the panel set to auto-hide. When I login, the panel is visible. It doesn’t hide. So I look for the setting for auto-hide, but I cannot get to it (the submenu closes before I can move the mouse to it). This is with Intel graphics.

I use Tumbleweed and have Wayland with Gnome, Plasma5 and Weston desktops installed. I find Plasma 5 support to be lagging Gnome support so I do not run Wayland.
Actually Wayland Plasma 5 seems to have gotten a little more “buggy” in the last few months. I am hopping that Fedora 25’s support of Wayland will result in faster improvement of Wayland Plasma 5.

I loaded the 3 Wayland desktops using YAST.
You might check out KDE Neon.
Also,Martin’s Blog is a very good source for Wayland Information.

Thank you! So I did not miss something. Wayland is under development and from time to time I’ll have a look at it.