Wayland: kwin_wayland intensive CPU usage & memory leak

Roughly a week ago I tried starting a Plasma Wayland session. For the first time ever, it actually worked and the system didn’t immediately freeze! Well, sort of worked; The system was still unusable, and I’m making this thread to explain what happened.

Once the system finishes logging in, the Plasma desktop crashes and restarts about 3 times, after which it stops crashing and works as intended. No window decorations are drawn, although desktop effects work fine otherwise. The biggest problem is that the kwin_wayland process constantly uses around 20% CPU and has a continuous memory leak! I managed to open ksysguard and found that it reaches +1.3GB in less than a minute, and increases with about 100MB every few seconds. I have to immediately kill the process before it causes the system to run out of RAM, but this also seems to crash the session and log me out.

Does anyone else experience these results? Are there any workarounds, or do we have to wait for the KDE developers to fix this? When can we expect Wayland to be stable and get rid of the CPU bug / RAM leaks?

KDE/Wayland is still not ready for prime time. Gnome/Wayland works pretty well.

I’m not sure, but I suspect the problem is integration of QT with Wayland.