Wayland Issues


I have been testing the Wayland and I have the following issues:

  1. The desktop resolution seems lower. Everything is a little bigger and I could not find a way to change the resolution. Now, the resolution reports the correct resolution/DPI etc, it is just that everything is bigger.
  2. When I login through Wayland, KWallet does not accept my password. If I login through KDE Plasma, everything is OK.
  3. If I log out of the desktop after logging in through Wayland, I am kicked back to the Display Manager after typing in my password. If I restart X (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE) I am still unable to log in. I have to restart my system to get back to a working desktop.

I have no idea where to begin to narrow down the issues.

I experience some issues with wayland too.
I’m using a german keyboard layout, but wayland ignores that and uses the default en/us keyboard. If you are using a different keyboard layout too, it could explain your password issues.
Logging out works for me, most times, but it can take a long time …
The desktop is often very sluggish and kwin_wayland “eats” most of the cpu power (of my very old, single core cpu). Gnome on Wayland works better, at least in terms of cpu usage.

I’m not sure, if it is already worth reporting bugs for the wayland + plasma5 combination or if it is still considered “work in progress”.


Wayland is certainly a work in progress…

here is some info


Most of that is above my head actually. :slight_smile: But it is interesting that Neon will be going with Wayland by default.

I noticed the speed issue too. But it does look like we are in early beta at best for Wayland, so I will just ait.