Wayland graphics acceleration broken after upgrade from Leap 15.2

I upgraded two notebooks with A6-6310 and 3500U AMD APU and now I have all kinds of problems with graphics output on both notebooks. I was very pleased with the graphics performance on Leap 15.2. Now windows go black until I maximize and resize them several times (thunderbird mail), slow scrolling and slideshows instead of video playback in firefox, flicker and only partly drawn “save as” dialogues and so on. I also added a new user with an empty user home directory but the problem persists. I can’t find any wayland config files in /etc. Or maybe it’s a kernel regression? I appreciate any help.

Uninstalled xf86-video-amdgpu and problem seems to be fixed.

Correction: I had to install gtk3-immodule-wayland and/or Mesa-libGLESv2-2 on my A6-6310 notebook because driver removal didn’t make it work.

Which DE is used? Please specify it before questions and suggestions.
KDE is not ready for Wayland.

Plasma Wayland (not Plasma Full Wayland) is selected in sddm. Works good enough and I guess it’s the default DE.

KDE is not ready for Wayland, use X11.