Wayland and fwzsapp

Leap 15.1, QT 5.13 and current plasma-version.

There is an app called fwzs, a »**Tray applet that allows to switch firewall zones of interfaces«.
This app is great for speedily changing the firewall rules. After starting it resides in the system tray.

But in a wayland session the app always opens, if I click on the application starter (the thing which opens as well when hitting Alt-F1). And Alt-F1 no longer works. This makes KDE pretty difficult to use. How to logout e.g. without using a GUI?

To avoid confusion: I’m asking what to change in a wayland session, using the fwzs-app, to get rid of the strange effect that clicking on the application starter opens the app instead of the starter.

Any ideas how to proceed? Where to make a bug report?

I would guess the eight year old app is not wayland friendly… perhaps raise a bug report (The developer is a SUSE/openSUSE person as well) would be the best course of action.

Thank you, done: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1140296

You can submit directly to the project, but looks like fwzs is the brainchild of a single person who last modified the app 4 years ago (obviously before the change to firewalld).


Although I’d wildly guess that writing an app that can switch firewall zones for firewalld and deploy as a Desktop applet (That’s a pretty cool idea and would be immensely important to anyone who makes custom firewall changes on a laptop) shouldn’t be difficult, it would just need someone with enough time and initiative to do it.

Alternative would be is to disable or uninstall firewalld and install SuSEFW2, then I’d expect that your fwzs should work just fine.