? Way to transfer Open suse 11.1 installation to new HD


Is there a way to transfer my Open suse 11.1 i386 installation to a new HD.

Ghost for linux was suggested, will try it. Tks wilscco

I used Acronis True Image a couple of times and it worked flawless. It adjusted all partitions to the new size of the hdd.

I also used Image for Linux from Terabyte Unlimited without a problem.

You can also use dd.

I’ve generally found linux to be more “tolerant” about how it handles booting etc., unlike, say, windows.

if you want to avoid having to rely on “software applications”, you can actually just, say, plug the new hard disk in alongside your existing drive (I don’t mean “hotplug” :-), partition it the way you like (i.e. similarly to how you’ve already got it running), and then copy everything over (remember to preserve permissions).

After which you just need to install grub on the MBR of the new disk (with more modern linux distros that rely on disk labels, then you’ll also need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to point it at the right disk; this was actually easier when all you had was /dev/hda). Then you can remove your existing HDD, plug the new HDD into the same IDE/SATA channel (or I guess you could even just reorder things in the BIOS), and … it should come up? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do this with the dd command

Here is an article I wrote using dd for copying wintendo to a new hard drive. It should work for linux too, because basically you just copy bit for bit to the new one. The most tricky part is fdisk, and even that’s easy.