way to install admin level software to user level

Hello guys,
I want to install a software called TinyOS which is an operating system designed for wireless sensor embedded networks in my account. The problem is it has instructions to install the software as an administrator since i’m not an admin of the department network i can not able to install.
Is there any method to install this software as an user level rather than admin level.
Please help me guys, i have to work on wireless sensor devices using this software.
Thank You!

You’d have to do it in a chroot environment. Create chroot, and then install it there.

can you please be more specific. If i have to install that software in chroot environment. What i have to do…?how could i creat that environment. Again i’m telling i am just an user of my department server.

Sounds like you need to talk to your network administrator if you are going to be sending and receiving packets on the network. There is a reason network interfaces belong to the OS. Unless TinyOS can run only using the normal socket API and doesn’t require any privileged ports. The details would depend on TinyOS, so you would have to consult its docs or ask on its forums.