Waves MaxxAudio 3 to Waves MaxxAudio LE

Hi I have a dell InspironR that came with a Waves MaxxAudio 3 (which is built for windows). I found that Waves MaxxAudio LE is a version designed for Linux.

So, is it possible to install Waves MaxxAudio LE on my device if I install opensuse 12.1. The laptop is currently running windows 7 with MaxxAudio 3.


I think you must contact Waves for this information. While they have a document for the Linux LE version, it gives no details of supported Linux Distributions or any other relevant info like cost or how to order. Further, it appears that the audio hardware may work without it, but just without any of the fancy stuff they offer in Windows.

So you must ask your question at Waves because no one here knows anything about their products that I can find.

Thank You,

I wrote to Waves and I have no response from them for the past two days.