wav to audio cd burning application

Hey all,

My K3B will not burn wav to audiocd projects.

Is there an application that can do all, including wav?



I recommend you install the packman packaged k3b including the k3bmonkeyaudioplugin.

k3b - PackMan - k3b
k3bmonkeyaudioplugin - PackMan - k3bmonkeyaudioplugin

Thanks Oldcpu

I should remove the opensuse version first?

I keep getting errors with pacman install version. One error tells it’s already installed, so I remove all K3b stuff, then pacman version gives me error that it needs lang to install, I try to install pacman lang, it tells me that I need k3b installed.

Which way do I go?


I do not get ANY of those errors. I used Smart Package manager to install my k3b on all my SuSE/openSUSE versions from 10.0 thru to 11.0. I simply select the packages, click on the install, and voila, its done.

YaST/zypper in 11.0 is also very good, I can’t see how you have a problem.

Now I never removed the Novell/SuSE-GmbH version first, but in truth, if you have a problem then you can (and probably should) do that with no problem. When removing k3b, Pay attention if it removes any other applications at the same time, so you can re-install them if need be.

I assume you have Packman server included with your repository list in your Software Package Manager? If not, guidance for doing that is here:
Repositories/11.0 - openSUSE-Community
If setting up your repositories for the first time, please only setup OSS, NON-OSS, Main Update and Packman. Remove videolan if you have it selected. Videolan is a great repos, but newbies are constantly scr*wing it up :mad: when used with Packman repos, so remove Videolan repository (until you learn more).

Then after removing k3b, and after setting up your repositories, install k3b by copying the following code (one line at a time) into an xterm/konsole while your pc is connected to the internet:


enter root password when prompted.*

zypper install k3b k3b-arts k3b-codecs k3b-lang k3bmonkeyaudioplugin

The above is the tried and true/proven method. One-click install should work as well, but for some-reason you can’t seem to navigate your way with that one-click method, so please follow my advise in this post.


You are wise in writings and opensuse scripture (if that is really you in that avatar)

I will follow your instructions right away, and I also have Videolan and nvidia repos installed. It is like you are looking at my screen.



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Boy do I know that feeling in front of my wife!!!




Did exactly as you recommended, and it didn’t work, I am still getting an error that I need to convert my wav files to another format before using k3b.

hmmm, don’t know what to do.


Then there is either:
a. something wrong with your .wav files, or
b. something wrong with your k3b.

I just tested on my PC, and it “just works”. Note to create an audio CD, launch K3b, select FILE > NEW-PROJECT > NEW-AUDIO-CD-PROJECT.
You may then drag and drop audio files into the project area.

At what point do you get this error?

Check k3b by advising what is the output of:
rpm -qa | grep k3b

Also, check the wav file by picking a typical .wav file on your PC (preferably one that gave you the error in k3b). Lets say it is called something.wav and its located in /home/username/wavfiles. Then type:
file /home/username/wavfiles/something.wav

What do you get?

Okay thanks Hang on a sec, will get you results


K3B check


As for the file, terminal is just working, but nothing is happening.

I can play these files with Kaffeine and XMMS


Something came through on the file check:

file /home/administrator/4.wav
/home/administrator/4.wav: setgid RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, 20294 channels 1414676809 Hz


20294 channels 1414676809 Hz ?? Unusual.

I think this .wav file is the problem. It is a very non-standard frequency. For example, on a typical file that I use, I will get:

oldcpu@stonehenge:/windows/D/audio> file s.wav
s.wav: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, stereo 44100 Hz


Kinda figured you might say that.

Is there a way to convert these few files into mp3 so I can create a audio cd from them?

thanks again for your help.


For audio file conversions I use pacpl (with the pacpl konqueror plugin) as packaged by packman:
PackMan - pacpl

If you still have packman as a repository, with your PC connected to the internet, type ‘su’ to get root permissions (enter root password when prompted) and type:
zypper install pacpl pacpl-konqueror

After that, you simply have to navigate to a file with konqueror file manager, right click on the audio file > Actions > PACPL-Convert and select your conversion. Its that simple. (When given the choice, ensure you pick a standard frequency as an output).


That did the trick, I am converting right now,

Thanks again!!!