.wav files and Firefox


does anyone know how to get .wav files to run in 64-bit Firefox? I’m really stumped on this one. So far, I’ve tried alsaplayer and kaffeine, but neither produces any sound for .wav. All other sound functionality is fine, the problem is only with .wav.

Here’s an example of what I need to play:
duramater - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary


Try aplay.

ken_yap, thanks. I entered aplay and no sound happened–the function didn’t return though.


You have to pass the filename to the helper program. I forget the exact details but try looking at similar entries or a search.

No luck yet on any of this. Passing a .wav to aplay doesn’t seem to work.

aplay yourfile.wav

should work (assuming you have alsa-utils installed).

Do you have ffmpeg installed? If so, if you type:
ffplay yourfile.wav

what do you get?

Where did you get this particular .wav file from? Are you certain this specific .wav file is good? Have you tried other .wav files?

Hi, I finally got it to work from Mozilla, and it also worked by playing the .wav directly from /tmp using aplay. I have no idea why it started working all of the sudden.

Unfortunately though, it seems to have stopped working again despite not having made any changes during the interim :frowning:

Maybe if I reboot a few more times it’ll start working again :slight_smile: