wat is the BEST MUSIC/VIDEO player?

i need a best player like winamp in linux…
which should basically support mp3 ,mp4 audio formats…
can any one mention the best place to find all esencial software with installation notes…because i find installation difficult …

i have VlC for playing video but i t has many problems…
only video is playing no sound…

Give me the link…!!!

amaork is probably closet to winamp and check this link for the codecs to play mp3’s 1-click-collection - openSUSE-Community look under multimedia codecs pack

I use and love amarok, but I must say - if you are looking for something comparable to WinAmp, Amarok isn’t the closest although, in my humble opinioin, it’s better.

If you really enjoy Winamp, you would be better off with XMMS. It is almost a dead ringer, and can use Winamp skin files.

XMMS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

X Multimedia System

In regards to the best place to find software, that would be the build service, most things you search for, you can find with a one click installer.

If you’re looking for a single application for both video and audio, then it is Xine.

You can install it all using Yast, and it will play just about anything - including the ‘protected’ formats like avi, dvd, mp3 etc.

Do you have any sound? Ensure you have your repositories setup per the guidance on this page, with only NON-OSS, OSS, Update and Packman added (add other’s later if you want, but not now while you are learning):

Then install w32codec-all, mad, lame, amarok, libxine1, xine-ui, smplayer, libffmpeg (all from Packman, not Novell-SuSE-GmbH versions (where there are different versions)).

When I first installed OS11, I found that I had no sound until I configured my sound in yast and adjusted the master volume setings. I needed to do this once and only once.

As far as players go, I prefer mplayer.

In Linux (and not just openSUSE) I think it is reasonably accurate to say there is not one application that serves BOTH audio and video superbly. Instead there are applications that do an excellent job of playing and categorizing/tracking one’s audio (some with limited video playing capability), and there are other (different) applications that do an excellent job of playing video (with a host of available features) with limited audio playing capability.

For audio I like amarok. I also use xmms on occasion, but amarok is my main player.

For video, I use smplayer, vlc, and xine-ui interchangeably.

In all cases, both audio and video, I obtain my applications and codecs from the Packman packager repository. The applications are listed on the Packman packager site: PackMan :: home
Note the “advanced” search function (upper left, click on magnifying glass) works great on that site. The tabs (udates/packages/search/help … etc … ) are also very good.

I would definatelly vote for amarok!!!

i agree oldcpu’s last post…i tried lately 3 or 4 softwares and i chose amarok for audio and xine for videos.

Amarok is indeed the best for audio.
XMMS is a little dated now.
Best for video in my opinion would be SMPlayer
Nice GUI and plays anything you throw at it.

I just wanted to stress that I do believe Amarok is the best media player available on linux, I simply mentioned XMMS because the OP requested something comparable to WinAmp. I haven’t used XMMS in forever, but yeah, just thought I’d through that out there before I looked like some anti-amarok guy. :wink:

I need to check out SmPlayer… VLC has been odd as of late.

Yup, we agree on those two. Although, latest version of Kaffeïne (as shipped with KDE4.0 op OpenSUSE 11.0) has become pretty nice too.

Personally, I really liked the new banshee 1.0 interface but had troubles with the gstreamer backend and have since moved to gmusicbrowser using an mplayer backend. I would recommend gmusicbrowser as you can change the interface to suit your needs, there are plenty of options to play around with. For movies, I use mplayer although I would prefer vlc but cant seem to get it working reliably.

I’d like to give a thumbs-up for the new Bansee player as well. I tried it out because Amarok cannot seem to detect my iPod in OS 11.0/KDE 4.1.

It’s really easy to use, the iPod sync and importing of stuff is very good. Pretty intuitive although I don’t like the Gnomish buttons, but that’s a small nitpick.

Also, great to see an option for ripping to Flac format!

Amarok still has a number of superior features though; e.g. Que Manager and great keyboard shortcuts.