Wasting ink with QT5/KDE Apps vs. GTK/Gnome. Any fix?

I am wasting a lot of ink printing drafts from KDE apps to HPLIP Printers (shared office, Pagewide 377dw) because the standard KDE printing dialogue does not allow me to specify the print quality. This has do be done manually in printer-settings. Gtk-based applications do offer such an option right away though. The same applies to special settings such as paper type or tray.

Is there any way to expose more options of the Cups-driver in the KDE printing dialogue? Far, far back there was “kprinter” which offered a lot of customizability. Do I have to go back to the kludge of yore and create a new virtual printer for each page setting?

Thx, J.

Unfortunately not until this https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-54464 upstream bug is addressed.

Thank you for the quick info. I was fearing something along that path. The bug absolutely hinders (small) enterprise use of KDE, as the comments note.

What print options are displayed by lpoptions for the given printer?

lpoptions -p <HP_printer_name> -l

If the required options are present, then it might be viable to create another print queue (effectively second instance of the same printer) with the required options specified in the configuration (/etc/cups/printers.conf) perhaps. Just a thought.

There has been a recent development that, at least, offers some indication there may be a resolution to this issue.

“QT printing via CUPS (advanced printing dalog box missing)”

I don’t know if your printer is different but I can do this in Yast>Hardware>Printer by editing the settings.