Was migrating to Linux...

I had posted in the hardware forum about a couple of problems that I had accessing my 2 ntfs drives after my installation. A few people were kind enough to help me through it and all was well. Then my web server that I run from here at my house crashed and I found myself needing to set up a second machine with suse to try to migrate it from win2k running apache to also run suse. I worked a ton of hours on that server to try to get it up and running and followed several good tutorials on the subject (howtoforge perfect server setup) and after over a week of trying to get the email server up and running I have decided to go back to what I know, which is win2k with hmailserver and apache. It tood me about 4 hours to get the server up and running as it was before with win2k and after that I set out to update some of my websites on the machine that was still running suse. I’ve wasted about another 8 hours just trying to find an html editor that works even a little like frontpage and I’ve decided that suse just isn’t for me. While using openoffice web to try to edit some pages it crashes over and over and the other html editors available for linux just suck. I dealt with the crashing openoffice web application just to get through only to find out that when I was pushing the save button, it wasn’t saving them at all!! I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from folks on this website from current and past posts but I just can’t fight applications crashing and having no features. Skype doesn’t work right, The linux yahoo clones don’t have the features I’m used to…yahoo made for linux doesn’t even work the way the windows version does. I’m supposed to have a well supported card and it cuts out and makes clipping sounds while watching a movie or playing music…I really loved the layout of Suse, but the quality of programs for it are very very bad. The fight must end…and one last thing…its 200 times harder to render an avi to a dvd in Linux. These are things that are so simple in windows and I just can’t continue like this. Sorry folks…headed back to windows…Robb

Good luck to you. It does take a bit to learn the Linux way. openSuse was a bit harder for me to learn that Ubuntu but it is definitely worth it. I can do everything I ever did in Windows.

For simple HTML edits I usually use Seamonkey Composer. In my opinion, while OO can do that that’s not it’s primary function.

> Sorry folks…headed back to windows…Robb

WAIT! you dropped your nose ring…Redmond needs to retie their
tether to it!!


Funny, … thats almost EXACTLY what I stated to my wife the other day , … but instead my version was this:The fight must end…and one last thing…its 200 times harder to render an avi to a dvd in Windoze. The Windoze NLE is too unstable. The virus check drives me nuts. The trojan scan is constantly annoying at boot. Every time I install an app it forces a reboot. When I want to shut down it tells me NO, it has to update for some unknown length of time. It takes twice as long to boot !! Every 10 minutes the firewall asks for my permission to do something. … When I want an advanced application, I have to provide a large portion of my salary check to some developer, often for software I can’t even test first. I can’t get a summary Package Manager list of applications that are available to install at a simple click. These are things that are so simple in Linux and I just can’t continue like this. Sorry dear …headed back to SuSE…… and that IS the truth … I am pathetic when it comes to Windows, and find it very very frustrating. Linux for me, is what I know, … its easy for me.

But I think your words, when you stated the following is MOST TRUE and I recommend everyone to pay heed:

… Go with what works for you.

While many of us clearly are openSUSE fans, and some of us (like me) are total disasters when it comes to Windoze, … the fact is most of my friends use and like Windows. They are smart people. They find it works great for them, … and I would not think of trying to talk them into changing if it works great for them. Go with what you know. … go with what works.

Good on ya for giving Linux a try …

I fully agree with you oldcpu, the problem here is that this guy will not have support for win2k much longer, and thats a real problem. Win2k is the best system ever released from Redmond for us small guys, and I for myself have liked it but I don’t trust it for the future due to the lack of support I know will come!

That’s what I tell all my friends. Go with what works for you. They all know I am a big Linux fan and they are always asking me should they switch to Linux. I tell them no, unless they are really ready to learn something new. They know they aren’t ready for that and I know they aren’t ready. Occasionally, someone is ready and when they are I am there to lead them to Linux.

I know a lot of Linus users hates Windows. I don’t. I just like Linux better.

Well there is simply nothing for linux that will do what nero vision express will do on windows. Alot of people who talk down on windows people actually still have a running windows machine, or dual boot to windows. For the quality of aftermarket software, you just can’t compare to windows. I was giving up a TON of great features to switch to linux. Plus with me being a musician, there’s just no way I could stay ONLY with linux. Robb

Yeah…this is the attitude that will keep linux from beating windows. I’m NOT going to switch to linux just so I can say that I beat windows. LOL…thats insane…create quality software for linux and then we will talk. Robb

If you find it easier to render an avi to a dvd in linux then you really need some help. There is NO program for linux that compares to nero. And there are many more than just nero to work on dvd’s…there are NONE for linux that are standalone programs. Robb

Hey rube2112 … I could (and did) say same about windows (AND the same about Nero).

I tried to use Nero. I paid for it. I hated it. What a waste of my money for DVDs. I have far far more success with my Linux apps. K9copy for dvd to avi. Then there is a plethora of excellent Linux apps to go back to dvd. Or simply k9copy to backup dv9 todv5.

I found Nero a pain. As for the Windows “stand alone” … yuck … I looked at the shareware and free apps … they all have their limitations … I dont’ do pirated software and I won’t pay for some windows software that promises something and doesn’t do it.

IMHO YOU REALLY need help with Linux.

I think the bottom line is your own words … stick with what you know. I’ll do the same.

I hate Nero. Please don’t use that as an shining example of what Windows software can do. It’s a horrible program.

Doing things is easier in Linux…ONCE YOU LEARN HOW. You are use to doing things the Windows way. It takes a bit to learn a new way to do things. Once you get Linux (wrap your mind around things), however, you’ll see how much easier it can be to do things with it.

And that’s not to say anything is wrong with Windows. I just prefer Linux.

I’m not trying to start a linux flaming war…I like it suse…I know my way around linux pretty well…there are just two many things you can’t do in linux. You’ll never convince me that the software available for linux is as good or even close to it…Robb

IMHO you are totally wrong here k3b knocks nero dead and it’s totally free
What can nero do that k3b can’t ?
There is also DeVeDe very easy to make DVD’s from mpeg, mpeg4, avi, asf, youtube and google flash videos, wmv, ogg etc…


Been using Linux for a few years now and the only thing that I need windows for my home studio.
Could have done it with something like studio64 http://www.64studio.com/ but the rest of the band use cubase…
Just out of interest can you name 5 things you can do with windows that you can’t with Linux?


The reverse is also true.

Show me some free opensource software that runs under MS-Windows that can do the same as

  • kdenlive
  • stills2dv
    that run under Linux ? Note kdenlive has some AVCHD capabilities.

I have a friend who is a real Windows fan, who can create custom dvds far better than I can with custom subtitles with Windows.

He noted some of the opensource Linux tools, that create front end menu’s, are superior to what he uses with Windows shareware programs. He either reuses the existing menu’s from commercial DVDs, or he creates no menu DVDs. For him to accomplish with MS-Windows software the custom menus that I can easily create in Linux, means he has to purchase commercial programs that he can not afford. (as they are too expensive).

We won’t pirate software.

Again, IMHO one needs to stick with what they know.

I know how it feels to migrate from windows to linux 'cause I did it 2 years ago. You must take into consideration that, this is a completely different OS, and you can’t know it all in a few months. I know everyone seaks for substitute applications on linux for those applications he used in windows and in most cases they can be found, and probably free of charge. Can you name a few good applications that are available for free in windows? Of course in certain cases you can’t obtain an application that would suite your needs, but for this situations to solve, I personaly use virtualitions, on which I run windows xp and programs I need. Virtualiztaions may help you migrate more slowly; if you can’t make things work in linux, you’re always able to run windows from inside them. However I give a vote for linux since it’s a great system, and remember that you can’t judge a system after just a few clicks and unsuccessful tries.

> You’ll never convince me that the software available
> for linux is as good or even close to it…

then GO AWAY already…troll somewhere else.


Devede was horrible!! Tried to make a dvd twice…waited forever for the project to encode and then it said it couldn’t create menu. even if it would have worked it took a zillion times longer than nero vision. Devede is a hack program that take about 4 other programs and creates a gui to control them. Thats not good software in my opinion. As for other things that I couldn’t do in Linux…I couldn’t run wmrecorder or find anything like it. Or wmcapture. These are all things I need. Like I said, not flaming suse, but just pointing out the facts. Windows is more popular and therefore has a much wider range of software that will run on it. Some good, some bad, and some fantastic. The one program I used on linux that I really liked was gimp. It is possibly just as good as paint shop pro. Whoever wrote that one really knew what they were doing. Robb

On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 06:26 +0000, geoffro wrote:
> IMHO you are totally wrong here k3b knocks nero dead and it’s totally
> free
> What can nero do that k3b can’t ?

Nero can burn to blu-ray.

(I’m not standing up for Nero… but you asked)

> IMHO you are totally wrong here k3b knocks nero dead and it’s totally
> free
> What can nero do that k3b can’t ?

Nero can burn to blu-ray.

(I’m not standing up for Nero… but you asked)

It will only be a matter of time before it is supported.