Warnings at boot time after upgrading to 11.4

Hi all,

Though my upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 went pretty well (X and apparmor/samba config to renew), I have a bunch of warnings at boot time.

Sample: “* wil be removed in a future UDEV version…”

On another box, I get some “/etc/*/ipv6” should have a .conf file.

Should I worry / fix up something before next upgrade?


I ignore those messages.

Those message are really for the release developers. They indicate things that they will have to take care of for future releases. I don’t think they are a concern for us as end users.

Could you post the output of the messages you’re concerned about?
Use susepaste.org or paste your output between [foo] paste [/foo] and replace the word “foo” with “code”.
The messages are probably in /var/log/messages so from a terminal type

more    /var/log/messages 

press “q” whenever you see a few messsages you’re worried about.

You could use “Novell AppAmour” | "Update AppAmour Profile " to try and clear up appamour messages.