Warning, file system at /?? Not responding ,(it had a big red something in the pop up)

A box popped up showing that message, unfortunately it wasn’t on the screen long enough to capture it and all of the text in it.
The box looked similar to the QUOTE box selection for quoting something in these forums.

SCARY! What I do remember was in it is

File system at /??? Not responding

Then it disappeared.
Am I in trouble now or on the way to problems?

I looked in log files but couldn’t find (with my limited knowledge)that phrasing in any of the logs for today’s date(11-04-2020).

PS, this was on my HP desktop.

Since I have not seen it, I can’t guess what it was about.

I do sometimes see those popups, but it is usually about a window or application not responding. And it gives some options.

I would guess that whatever had not been responding suddently started to respond, and that’s why the popup quickly disappeared. There probably isn’t anything to do at present.

You mounting anything from across the network?? Could be a network issue if so

I see that sometimes when using TW from USB-stick (USB2) and it goes away after some moments without anything damaged…