Warn & Messages logs filling up

Since yesterday evening my warn & messages log is filling up with this:

Nov 24 20:59:18 tintin kernel: phy0 -> rt2x00usb_write_tx_data: Error - Arrived at non-free entry in the non-full queue 2.
Nov 24 20:59:18 tintin kernel: Please file bug report to http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com.

I’m running openSUSE 11 and use a D-Link DWL-G122/C1 wireless USB card.

My internet connection is blocked up when this goes on.
I pulled the USB card out, and it stopped.
I then plugged it in again, and it didn’t start up again. (And am now able to write this :slight_smile:

I shut down my pc yesterday evening, but it started doing it again this morning.

My logs are now pretty gigantic:
542386765 25 nov 09:03 messages
541901964 25 nov 08:48 warn

Anyone having some input on this problem?

It starts again every time I have reboot’ed my pc. I then pull out the wireless card, and it stops. Until the next boot…

Very annoying.

Well it looks like you’ve hit a bug in the driver, it gets itself into a gaga state when things go pear-shaped. Maybe see if there’s a more recent version of the driver that fixes this. File a bug report anyway.