ware can i by opensuse 11.2??

hi i,m in the us and i still have not found were i can by open suse 11.2. can any one help me?? i love open suse retail.it is much easer for me to install. i have open suse 11.0 but it will run out in june. so that is y i.m trying to get 11.2-64 bit.:frowning:

Retail Now available in North America for 11.2 - openSUSE Forums

where are you from ? Try online shoppings

if you are not in north amerika

http://www.amazon.co.uk/ (english)
you have to check if they ship to where you live


> http://www.edv-
> buchversand.de/suse/product.php?cnt=product&id=sus178&apid=60461
> (german)

sorry forgot to tiny it

(german bookshop)

thank you all for your help in this matter. it looks like that open suse people have just started to sell the retail box in the us .from the previous reply.so i hope that every one in the us can see this post.thank you all…

The only place to get the boxed set, for North America is as caf4926 said. Retail Now available in North America for 11.2 - openSUSE Forums In which I made a post out of, and caf4926 is simply pointing to the post I made.

Here is a quote from Stefan Werden. The guy who made it all possible.

Buy openSUSE - openSUSE

Available at

Germany - openSUSE 11.2

EMEA / UK openSUSE 11.2

North America - openSUSE 11.2

More information at info@open-slx.com