wanted someone who could make a openoctave rpm package

wanted someone who could make a openoctave rpm package for easy install

See this:


I’ll be willing to see what I can do on the build service if I can manage to get it to build, if this thing is stable it could be exactly what I’ve been looking for. Rosegarden has been crashing on me when dealing with audio. I think it might be slightly involved though, I’m willing to bet quite a few of those dependencies aren’t up anywhere else. First things first though, got to get it to build.

Oh and the linuxsampler stuff is a little weird if I remember right as far as the license goes. I think I broke down the licensing once upon a time, and basically no one but the copyright holder has the right to redistribute. Maybe that has been fixed though, if I remember right the problem was that liblscp used to be straight gpl, and the server program was linked to it with a non-compatible license. But I think you could always redistribute the library.

Anyhow, horses before carts. I’ll see what I can do on this over the weekend. While I’m at it pure data should definitely be in the repositories somewhere, since it’s awesome and it’s a pita to build. I’m pretty good at building software, but I usually get frustrated and give up when I try to make packages, so if someone else thinks they can do this by all means jump in. And I guess I already have a decent set up with rosegarden and ardour, but this program looks promising so I will see what I can do.

You make me very happy if you can build the package.
Very good news.

I have found this about the linuxsampler redistribution problem.


Most components are distributed as free software, under either the GNU General Public License or the GNU Lesser General Public License. However, the licence of the sampler backend prohibits commercial use. For commercial use, permission and terms must be sought from the developers.[2] The backend is thus not free software. The ban on commercial use does not however include banning LinuxSampler’s use for commercial music production. This is explicitly allowed.[3]

Maybe the openoctave developers can help you out with this.


Maybe I asked the question rpm package wrong we actually need a one click install. That means we need YaST Meta Package for example oom-2011.ymp
See these packages : PackMan :: Startseite

The reason is musician do not want to compile but want to compose music.

Oh ok. Glad I checked in, because I was trying to get the rpm together, and I was at the point where I realized I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never attempted to make a one click installer.

I did get it to build, but weirdly I could only record MIDI using a virtual keyboard and not from a usb MIDI keyboard, which isn’t useful for me. Also I totally gave up on getting the LV2 working because I got an error on the dependencies and there wasn’t enough documentation to give me a fighting chance at lucking into a solution.

The reason is musician do not want to compile but want to compose music.

While this is true to an extent, I’m willing to bet the majority of musicians who aren’t willing compile a program are using a Mac. Compiling a program is a small problem compared to getting JACK up and running well, getting your audio hardware working (which can be easy if the usb device uses the magic words “class compliant” in its product description), figuring out how to connect up all the different programs which use any of 5 different standards for connectivity (JACK audio, ALSA seq for MIDI, LADSPA, DSSI, and LV2). And hooking them up once properly is the easy part of that particular problem, getting them to go back together again after you break them apart is an exercise in automation that expert shell scriptors would have difficulty in solving. Instead of dealing with problem of loading the programs with the proper settings and connecting them in the same configuration, I usually just try to get it reduced to audio and hope it’s going to be good enough so I don’t have to do it again with just a few parameters different.

OpenOctave has a connection manager (F2) so you do not have to use qjackctl.
It can all be done within openoctave. The backend (Fantasia) from linuxsampler is also not necessary for openoctave.
Try the connection manager or qjackctl if you prefer that to setup your midi keyboard.

If there is a one click install then the openoctave project will succeed.
For me it already is.