Wanted Microsoft fonts for Opensuse 11

Where can I get Microsoft fonts for Opensuse 11?

I couldnt find any in the repository…

These fonts are restricted so you won’t find them in the main repros.

Have a look here : Installing Microsoft Fonts on openSUSE 11.0 - openSUSE Forums

And a link to the source : Ben Kevan’s Blog > Installing Microsoft Fonts on openSUSE 11.0


Wow! that was quick, thanx chum…

Or just search for “verdana” in the software search section on the openSUSE website and you’ll get results with “webcore” in their name, these include: verdana, arial, comic sans ms, times new roman and many more

Or just copy them off a active windows partition if you have one in your pc or your network :smiley:

For the most basic fonts, just use the openSUSE 10.3 script found at:

Index of /update/10.3/scripts

Run ‘fetchmsttfonts.sh’ as root.


Actually, just doing a comparison “side-by-side” as it were, the almost exact match height, width and weight to the Times New Roman and Arial fonts are:

Nimbus Roman No9 L
Nimbus Sans

the Liberation fonts are a close second.

God Bless

I do not know how good a match it is, but I like the Bitstream-vera font set too.

That was the point of the Nimbus fonts; but if you send things to MS Word users in Nimbus, they may not always look ‘right’ - so I always use the MS fonts for things I am sending to MS users.