Want to Update only the installed packages

Is there a way to not install new packages when running sudo zypper update?I just want the installed packages to get updated.

In Tumbleweed you should never do a zypper up, but always a

zypper dup

And that will install the new versions of packages you have. New packages will only be installed when a newer version of an already installed package now, in the newer version, has new dependencies.

BTW, even on Leap, where you do zypper up to update, the same is true. It will only install newer versions of already installed packages.

As normally what you ask is already done, I do not understand why you ask. When you have the idea that it is different, please then explain why you think so. We can not read your mind to find out what triggered your question.

What do you expect to happen when a package is split into more than one package, as has often happened in TW; or the package names change, as with python#? zypper update can’t fully bring everything up-to-date in TW.

It may be that these “new packages” are being listed for installation by a pattern that you have installed.

*zypper search -t pattern*

will list the available patterns and show you which ones are installed.

sudo zypper al packagename

will lock the package that you do not want installed and you can then update with

sudo zypper dup

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
That is not how Tumbleweed works, each snapshot is a new release, therefore you must run zypper dup, sometimes old packages get replaced, that’s why you may see ‘new’ packages, likewise as already posted an updated pattern with new features might be installed. If you add some verbosity to the dup it may help clarify what is changing;

zypper -vvv dup

Alright, I didnt know how **zypper dup **worked, soI always have done **sudo zypper up **(2 times)…cuz it was just running the command and saying yes.

Anyways, thank you all for the help. :slight_smile: