want to support HCL week, advice needed


I saw the big banner above, to support the HCL week and wanted to add my hardware. I have a Sony Vaio, which may be interesting to some folks as it is not so old, but also not the most recent model I guess (it is getting cheaper…)

So I looked into the Laptop → Sony section in the wiki and saw that the model VPC… something has no categorie there yet.

Can I add it myself to the table? Or should it do someone who knows what he/she is doing? If this is the case, who is the one who needs to be asked, and how?

would be cool, if someone had advice…


Do you think you can add it?
Do you understand the wiki editor?

If you want to PM me the details, I can do it. I suggest you run ‘smolt’, then login with the password they give you and edit the details as best you can. Link us to it.

I would understand it if I had to :smiley: it would take a while but I guess I would make it. But as I don´t need to :wink: I will send the details to you then. Thanks!

Received your PM. I will add the details in to HCL today

Well done for taking the time to submit your hardware info Steffen. It doesn’t matter how old your hardware is, just as long as it gets entered into the HCL. I hope others are inspired to do the same. We’ll help if required. :slight_smile:

Ok folks I will have a bash.
On the wiki page (Smolt - openSUSE) it simply tells us to:

  1. run Smolt and create profile,

But does not give any clue as to how. In a terminal


gives no results, nor “Sm” with a two taps on the tab key. If I were busier, I might have given up right there!

 ~> smolt

Also gives nothing (CNF smolt)
sm and tab tab gives a load of commands. I choose smoltGui (why the F does it have an upper case G??, a deliberate attempt to annoy and make difficult?
I guess I am now where I should be…
but in terminal I have this:

linux-p9sz:~ # smoltGui 
TypeError: expected 1 arguments, got 0
TypeError: expected 1 arguments, got 0
TypeError: expected 1 arguments, got 0
TypeError: expected 1 arguments, got 0
TypeError: expected 1 arguments, got 0

…lots of this.

Is this a prob?

Ok, I tried. It is little wonder that the HCL does not get populated when it is this bad. My honest advice would be to delete the whole pile and start again, with a form based tree-layout, user can then go, for instance Mainboard >mfr>model>works>Y/N if no how so?
Here is my smolt:
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Here is output of hwinfo, if anyone can use it to help…

============ start debug info ============ libhd version 18.3u (x86-64) using - Pastebin.com](http://pastebin.com/uniutbWC)