Want to Learn making Packages


I am wanting to learn writing openSUSE

packages… was wondering if anyone has

links or tips on best programming languages

and web tutorial links to get me started,

i’am a good learner just need boost

in the right direction… i wanted to create

game programs like simple word quiz


What’s not clear to me is whether you want to use the buildservice to build packages, or to write games. The buildservice is not for the latter.

oh i see… well i have a desire to learn to build packages and

write games… i was thinking of learning Pearl language

Well, I found out that building packages requires some understanding of programming. My choice of path would be to first learn how to program in Perl, then, when the prog works OK, take the next step and learn how to build a package for the prog in the buildservice

I agree I found some on-line tutorials on Perl 6
so ill keep going and see what i can learn. :slight_smile:

I have found an interesting book, “Perl by Example” by Quigley.

I will take a look…