Want recommendations for external DVD burners

;)I’m tired of burning coasters in both Linux and Windblows. The builtin DVD burner in this Dell Studio 1745 laptop (HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GA11N) won’t even burn properly in windblows!

What external (USB) burners are forum members using?

I’ve looked at many on the web and eliminated most due to bad specs and reviews but did find three promising ones.

1: Digistore DIG-71042
2: Iomega 34427
3: Lenovo 41N5565

Any comments on those either good or bad? Or suggestions of what you use and how it works in linux?

Thanks, Tom

Iomega has always put out quality products, they have been around for a long time i have several of the external cd/rewrites and dvd burners and have never had issues with them…

Unless dell have a strange drive carrier, another, perhaps cheaper option, is to replace the dvd drive.