Want K3b to not remove failed .iso image creations from destination folder.

When K3B is creating an .iso image to file and fails to read a sector even at the very end of a DVD it issues you a warning and removes the file from the destination folder,
regardless of what choice you made in the “remove file when completed” dialog.

I want it to leave the incomplete .iso image there so I can play with it, any suggestions cause I’ve searched scratched and dissected, trying to do my homework but doggone if I can figure it out, any suggestions?

I feel like a real “Rube” that I can’t figure this out…

K3B, 2.0.1, / KDE 4.4.4 release 3 / Open SuSE 11.3-64/

Carl, I can’t really answer your question, but K3B was failing to read a sector for me yesterday, but it didn’t give up and eventually I had a .iso in /tmp

Have you tried any other application? Like AcetoneISO
I think that app will do what you want and more

Why would you want a damaged ISO file? Shouldn’t you investigate why a disk sector couldn’t be read? That seems to be the more serious problem.

Thank you Carl, It’s an irreplaceable video on DVD, one of my last gigs with
Ellis McDaniel, (Bo Didly) shortly before his death I really would like to surprise his
daughters with it. It makes it 99%, spends a good while on one of the last sectors then spits out the error dialog and dumps the image.

I was thinking about going after it with “autopsy” but it just made more sense to see if I could foil K3b’s routine or find a different utility more suited to the task.
Acetoneiso is installed and creating an image right now looks good so far.

:slight_smile: I appreciate your input more than I can possibly express, thanks again and have a great afternoon,

One thing you could also do is mount the DVD in AcetoneISO and examine the contents of the directories there.

Also you can use mplayer to do a dumpstream, like this

mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile movie.mpg

That’s a neat trick, still got awhile before the image reaches it’s critical point, thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, your a valuable part of our suse community and I thank you.

wanted to include a ps on the last message, didn’t make the edit in time, right now it’s 60 degrees, high of 80 is forecast today, hope it’s getting more bearable on your side of the pond and all is well, can’t wait to coheres you to sit on the dock and partake of some of my Chicago style BBQ ribs when you get back this way.

Take care cfn7

Hi Carl, as it turned out “OGMRip” (from the SuSE11.3 distro) is the charm, in this case it took nearly 3 hours but did a successful rip, have fixed the inequities and next try will be building a .iso9660 image to recreate the DVD, still have to figure out the encoding trick.
keep you posted, thanks!

Great news Carl

While I see you’ve worked around the original problem, for the next time…

While the .iso file is being created, make a new hard link to it

ln the_building_file.iso myalias.iso

Then, when k3b unlinks the original, my_alias.iso should hang around with the contents.