want Fedora 20 and openSuse 13.2 both to be bootable from one internal HDD

I want to install openSuse 13.2 onto the same 290GiB+ internal hard drive where I already have Fedora 20. I started but openSuse intended to delete everything Fedora with no alternative choice, so I aborted the installation. I understand that, traditionally, Linux operating systems get along with each other, but if this pairing is an exception please let us know. I’d like to be able to boot from either operating system. Right now, when I boot, the laptop recognizes an increasing number of versions or ways to boot Fedora (one has to do with rescuing Fedora) and I want to preserve that ability. While on the hard drive there likely is some data such as a browser history and custom settings files, I do not locally store correspondence and other files of the sort that users usually think of as their files. So, I don’t need all of the hard drive space just for one OS. I imagine SELinux, if present in both OSes, may conflict, but I imagine that won’t be fatal to OS usage, although differences may weaken security, but since this is a single-user laptop I’m less worried about that, but let me know if I should worry about that. Suggestions for a method of installing?

After the opensuse installer says that it wants to delete everything:

Click on “Create partitioning”

On the next screen, select “expert mode” (I think that’s what the option is – in any case, you will probably recognize it).

That should give you a list of current partitions. You can click edit on any of them to change. You can click on the disk device to add a new partition (if there is free space).

This is also pretty safe. The installer doesn’t actually change anything until after it warns you that it will start installing. So, up until that stage, you can abort if things are not going as you expected.