Want do buy a video capturing card, how to find out if it has driver support on linux/opensuse 13.1

after recently being suprised by the fact that my onboard LAN device has not linux support at all i am know a bit more sensible for this topic. I have a general question and a concrete one.

  1. where do i have to look to see if a device i am interested in is supported by the kernel or other drivers on linux/opensuse 13.1 or not?
  2. i want to buy a video capturing card and am especially interested in the BlackMagic Design Design DeckLink SDI 4k, does anyone knows if this card is supported or not?

This might be helpful to you


You might want to check with the manufacturer


Based on the above, they do claim to have Linux support for the model listed.

Practically all Blackmagic Design products have Linux support, just their software tends to be pretty ghastly.

However since you’ll most likely be using the driver only, it won’t be that big of a deal. I’ve been using Intensity Pro for years now without issue - the 4k SDI is also nicely supported.