Want both KDE and Gnome

I have installed KDE live cd and all appears ok except cannot get Evolution to work without Calendar crashing.

Now considering installing Gnome desktop where Evolution works perfectly, at least on live cd.
I really prefer KDE but need full functionality of Evolution so having a choice of Desktops when I log on might be an option.

  1. Can I install Gnome live cd saving ‘home’ and get the option to choose at log in?

  2. Would really rather only install Gnome desktop as do not need other Gnome apps. How do I do that, which repository and files required?

  3. If I have both KDE and Gnome installed, can I share Evolution config and data files so I can access from KDE in the event I get KDE working properly?

If “/home” is a separate partition, then you could install the gnome live CD and retain “/home”. But you will lose all of KDE that way.

Simpler would be go to Yast → software management
and install the Gnome pattern. That will add it to your KDE system. It does require an Internet connection, since you would be installing over the net.