Want a look at kde4.4 search and launch desktop

I did a small video

search.and.launch.desktop.mpeg - Windows Live

and the search
search feature.mpeg - Windows Live

Very slick.

How did you get your desktop to be like that? Is that default?

Jony, it’s kde4.4 rc2
then selecet search and launch from the options for desktop containment, prior to this we just had folder view and plain desktop.:wink:

Funny, cause mine doesn’t look like that at all.
I’m running; p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } Platform Version 4.4.60 (KDE 4.4.60 (KDE 4.5 >= 20100120)) “release 3”

I thought the future was still to come…:wink: Very nice

@Jonathan: you’re running packages from UNSTABLE, Caf has them from KDE4:Factory, that’s where the difference may be.

I’ll have to check because I have unstable in VBox, it’s pretty stable if you ask me

This it the option I get on right click

I got it now. I never knew that was there. That is just slick.

@Caf: Are you running KWin compositing effects under VBox? I have been trying to get those working for some time now and I can’t get them to work. I just noticed the fade animations in you video.

The search and launch containment is coming along quite nicely, to be sure. Unfortunately my only netbook has a cracked screen right now so I can’t try it out in it’ natural environment.

This is a real install. I mentioned VBox because I have a VM of OS 11.2 with kde4 Unstable which was mentioned is this discussion. But I don’t usually bother with effect in VBox.

But what you see here is using kwin but not in VBox.

Carl, is it kdenlive for capturing desktop. I used it once to capture desktop and it bring my system on knees. Was extremely slow. The video was not good because of the late mouse movements.

works nicely for me on 11.2
or QTRecordmydesktop

I enabled it, how do I disable it?

Right click configure search and launch and change activity to whatever you want

I can’t right click anymore, that seems to be the problem. When I right click nothing happens at all, no context menus or anything.

alt+D+S brings up the option to change it.

Yes you have to be careful with this desktop activity
It’s early days for it yet.

So have you got control now?

I was able to revert back, but when using search and launch containment I still have no right click menu at all.

Just try this.
if you first set your bottom panel to auto hide, leave widgets unlocked, but it shouldn’t matter

Now switch to search and launch
Do you see the cashew in the lower left corner when the panel drops out?

Make sure you have this setting


OK, so I tried search and destroy, and had some problems…
I could not go back by right click…
alt-D -S and try to go back to folder view … crashes.
How do I get back to a desktop folder view?
I now have a more or less empty desktop. My ~/Desktop folder is still intact. I guess I must delete something in ~/.kde4 or ?