Wally 2.4.1 not able to set wallpaper on KDE desktop


I have installed wally 2.4.1 on my opensuse 12.1 kde destop environment, i have selected wally plugin in my desktop settings but wally is not able to set any wallpaper I am getting a black screen . Need help in solving this issue.

Thanks in advance

No idea
And why would you even need it
KDE has great functionality for wallpaper settings without a plugin

> wally is not able to set any wallpaper I am getting a black screen .
> Need help in solving this issue.

i guess your openSUSE (you didn’t say, but i GUESS you are running
openSUSE? which version? which desktop environment? what kind of
hardware?) was running fine until you installed Wally?

if so then the problem is not an openSUSE one, but rather with
Wally…and, since you are now asking in the no-problem openSUSE forums,
you should try to solve that in the Wally Forums, and/or Wally Support,
and/or Wally Home Page, here:


and, when you get Wally working, do please come back to us and give a
URL/link to the thread over there, where you and a Wally guru worked out
the Wally problem (so the next person running openSUSE who has problems
with Wally can not only google find this thread, but also the solution!!
THANKS!! [in advance])


Well, in his first line the OP says:

… on my opensuse 12.1 kde destop environment …

Forgot your coffee this morning :wink:

On 06/28/2012 12:56 PM, hcvv wrote:
> Forgot your coffee this morning;)

or so accustomed to searching for and not finding that most basic of
info, i read to the bottom to get the ‘problem’ and by the time i got
there i had forgotten what i’d read about the OS, so scanned again and
just did not see!!

if that turns out to be the worst mistake i make by the time i sleep
today, then it will have been a very good day for me…

i leave perfection to others.