Wallwatcher & Intel Audio Studio equivs for SUSe 10.3

Seems I m back here again after posting yesterday about help with VOIP…Thanks to everyone here who take an interest and make Linux a great experience!!

So Im making the transition on one of the machines here, have been running 10.3 since it was released, dual boot with XP. This machine does most of the browsing,chatting, all of the e mail and other utility work online for me.Additionally it contains my CD library, ripped to the HD’s so it plays all the music around here. There are 2 apps I have under XP that I would like to find SUSe or Linux replacements for if they exist… They are:

Wallwatcher–I have three machines that run behind a Netgear FVS 318V3 router/firewall. Wallwatcher allows me to look at hits to the FVS firewall…additionally it allows me to look at bandwidth usage statistics and take advantage of the routers fairly extensive logging capabilities. Is there anything like Wallwatcher for Linux??

Intel Audio Studio-- The motherboard is an Intel D945GTP with their onboard audio solution. SUSe had no problem determining and loading audio modules on install and the audio works fine… on the XP side with Intel Audio Studio I have a much more capable graphics eq than is available with Amorak…additionally Intel Audio Studio has dynamic range compressing and expanding tools and a spatial relation tool that allow me to make a comparatively low end Logitech speaker system sound really great…the sound under SUSe is OK but not nearly what is possible under XP.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated and TIA for the interest…and again for the great forum