wallet/no-wallet, net-connection, Yast, Splashma5

My router provides 2 frequency-band connection services to accomodate different clients. On my desktop I can use either one because my usb transceiver can handle either one. On my (older) laptop I can only use the inferior type (don’t know their technical properties off-hand, only the names that I gave them).

kWallet is installed (only because I cannot NOT install it), don’t know if I ever gave it a password. I by far prefer typing passwords in from memory and trusting nothing ever to any form of storage, much less any concentrated form of storage.

When I have Yast doing an update with a list of downloads to eat its way thorough I OFTEN end up in a situation where the downloads just stop in a subtle manner, not always hinting with “will retry in X seconds”. At such times the interrupted download usually resumes as soon as I cycle the router connection to the other service, works for a while, then I have to cycle again.

Do I have an OS-level problem, a repo server issue, or what? I have no idea but it’s a real pain because I might start an update, go to bed, and come back in the morning with 5 of 1000 files downloaded before everything halted.

On Tumbelweed, do not use YaST or some updater applet. These perform ‘zypper up’, where TW needs ‘zypper dup’.
The wallet system can be disabled.

I tried zypper dup, I got so many errors it was discouraging and wallet got installed even though it was tabooed in Yast. Does zypper take any yast taboos into account? If not how can I taboo a list a packages for zypper?

I think I got the wallet disabled (not all that straightforward, added “Enabled=false” to /.kde4/share/config/kwallet.rc) but I’d much rather taboo it and never have any part of it installed.