wallch - Wallaper Changer now available

For those interested in a desktop wallpaper changer, wallch
http://wall-changer.sourceforge.net/ is now available in the
GNOME:Ayatana project . It’s here to pull in the libunity9 requirement.

If you use the 1-click method, suggest you don’t remain subscribed to
ensure it doesn’t pull other unnecessary packages.

To install aside from wallch, you should only need libdbusmenu-glib4
and libunity9.

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Do you think we can have this for Thumbleweed also?

It’s failing to build, need to have a look at it (not today though), will try over the weekend :slight_smile:

On Fri 29 Jul 2016 10:36:02 AM CDT, Calinush wrote:

Do you think we can have this for Thumbleweed also?

Fixed and now building, should be able to grab here soon;

Note, the name is Tumbleweed no ‘h’ :wink:

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